A Zamboni for your soul

A Zamboni for your soul

Posted on May 31, 2013

A Zamboni for your soul

Obviously, as a Bach flower practitioner, people often ask me to explain what the flowers are.

After I say that they are natural form of stress relief and go through the basics of how they work, I always add the same line –

“Think of Bach flowers as a Zamboni for your soul.”

At that point I am usually met with a blank stare – much like the look you might have on your face right now.

Allow me to explain.

When you enter an ice rink, before anyone has skated on it, the ice is smooth. It looks like glass and you can almost see your reflection in it. The rink feels peaceful and yet is filled with excitement and possibility.

Then, people enter the rink and begin skating. After a while the ice becomes all disheveled and it’s hard to skate on. No longer can you see your reflection or a clear path ahead. Instead, you’re tripping, falling and flailing around; reaching for anything that will keep you on your feet.

Enter the Zamboni!

Just when the ice becomes impossible to skate on, and it seems as if the only way is down, the Zamboni comes along to clear it off and smooth it over, returning it to its original state of luster and calm and allowing us to smoothly skate on it once more.

Well, our souls are like the ice rink.

In our most balanced emotional states, we’re like the ice that hasn’t been skated on yet. We’re clear headed. We’re in touch with our inner selves. We’re able to make decisions from places of personal truth and wisdom and we glide through life in the flow.

But, as we go through our every day life, challenges happen that throw us off balance and our emotions get muddled. Suddenly we feel like the mucky ice rink. No longer can we see our inner selves clearly. No longer are we gliding along smoothly. Instead we’re tripping and falling and grasping at anything to help us remain standing.

Enter Bach flowers.

The flowers, like the Zamboni, clear away our negative emotional states, encouraging our positive ones to surface; creating a balanced state of mind and clear access to all of the wisdom and knowledge we have inside. Using that access to our inner guidance system we can regain our footing and glide along in the flow once more.

Bach flowers – a Zamboni for your soul.

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