Flower power for the holidays – part 2

Flower power for the holidays – part 2

Posted on Dec 6, 2013

Flower power for the holidays – part 2

One week down and two and a half weeks to go until C-Day is here (a little less if you celebrate Solstice).

How’re you holding up?

Are you decking the halls with boughs of holly or are you ready to deck the next mall Santa you encounter?

If the latter hits a little close to home, this week’s holiday helper flowers are for you.

In last week’s blog post I suggested a few flowers to help with feelings of overwhelm during the holiday season. (Hop on over here if you missed it!)

This week is all about restoring calm when you’re losing your patience and are about to blow a fuse.

I know for me, holiday merriment can quickly lose its charm about one week after I’ve decorated, listened to my favorite tunes and made out my holiday greeting cards. Suddenly, the things I once enjoyed begin to work on my nerves and I start feeling edgy and ready for January 1st to arrive. It doesn’t take much for my inner Scrooge to let loose!

Thankfully, I always have some flower tricks up my sleeve to help calm me down and restore my sanity.

See if any of these scenarios ring true for you, too.

Hurry it up already!

It’s a busy Saturday morning at the mall. Your arms are loaded to the ceiling with gifts. You walk up to the register to find that there is only one cashier working and the line wraps around the entire store – twice. To make matters worse, there are children screeching Jingle Bells behind you, the woman currently making a purchase is literally paying one penny at a time, and you’re already 15 minutes late for an appointment. As time ticks by at a snail’s pace, your patience is wearing thin.

Enter – Impatiens. As the name implies, this little gem of a flower works to restore your patience and can deactivate the ticking time bomb that’s about to go off in your head, so you can wait out the line in relative internal peace. Perhaps even with a smile on your face.

It’s also a wonderful flower to give to kids who continuously ask, “Is it Christmas yet? Is Santa coming yet?” on an endless loop.

Temper, temper

Take the above scenario and amp up the chaos factor to twelve. If the line doesn’t move soon you’re gonna’ take the kids ho ho ho-ing behind you and throw-ho-ho them right through a wall! Your blood is boiling and you fear you might lose your temper and say or do some things that are decidedly un-Christmasy.

In this case Cherry Plum is the flower to choose. This flower helps when you feel as if you’re going to lose control in any way. That could mean knowing you’re about to scream at the cashier or snap at your kids. Or, as is so common during this time of year, it could mean knowing you’re going to stuff your face at every holiday party buffet from now until January 2nd.

When you feel as if you’re losing control and are about to do something you’ll later regret, take some Cherry Plum and regain your restraint.

Rescue me

Even though I’m a Bach flower practitioner, I know as well as anyone how difficult it can be to think about choosing flowers when you feel like you’re about to lose it on someone or are so filled with anxiety you can’t see straight. For this reason, I suggest that everyone carry around a tiny bottle of Rescue Remedy at all times – especially during the month of December.

Rescue Remedy is a pre-blended mix of five Bach flower essences that is for use during an emergency or crisis situation. The blend helps to quickly neutralize trauma and restore calm in stressful situations. You don’t have to be heading for an epic meltdown to use it, though. If you’re in either of the situations above, or just feel as if you’re on edge and can’t calm down, take four drops of Rescue Remedy (either directly in your mouth or in some water) and within minutes you’ll be feeling calm, cool and collected once more.

Rescue Remedy is so effective that Dr. Oz has mentioned it on his show a number of times and it’s now available for purchase at CVS! (Dr. Oz refers to Bach flowers as homeopathic remedies, which they are definitely not, but we’ll let it slide. :))

One caveat – if you find yourself taking Rescue all the time, that’s a good sign that you could benefit from a personal blend of flowers selected just for you.

Meet me here next week to learn about some flowers to help you stay in the moment this holiday season. After all, at it’s core, this season is really about presence, not presents, right? If you struggle with getting swept up in nostalgia, or often find your mind drifting off to a place other than where you are, you won’t want to miss learning about these powerful flowers.

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