Down with love?

Down with love?

Posted on Feb 14, 2014

Down with love?

Surely when most people think of flowers on Valentine’s Day, the image of a dozen red roses likely comes to mind. I don’t think a whole lot of people think of Bach flower essences. But boy can they be a wonderful to gift to give yourself on this day!

I don’t know about you, but for me, ever since elementary school, Valentine’s Day has always been filled with supercharged expectations that most often failed to be met. 

In my early years my main concern was, “Will I get a Valentine?” (Yep, but only because the teacher made everyone exchange cards with everyone.)

As I moved into my teen years I usually spent the weeks leading up to V-Day secretly wishing that the coolest guys in school would finally notice me and send me some flowers. (Nope, never happened.) 

And, as a sometimes single, sometimes coupled gal in my twenties/thirties my Valentine’s Day expectations ranged from wondering if I’d even be with anyone when the day arrived, to hoping that my boyfriend would propose. (Mixed results on this one.)

I'm grateful though, that since becoming a mama, this Hallmark holiday has taken on new meaning for me. Instead of worrying over flowers and gifts, I am genuinely excited to just be with my husband and daughter on this day, making paper hearts and gooey freezer fudge. 

I do, however, remember all too well the feelings of disappointment, loneliness and even jealousy that Valentine’s Day would bring about.

Ah, if only I had known about Bach flower essences during my angsty adolescence and young adult years!

Better late than never though, right? 

Thankfully, Bach flowers are a big part of my life now and today I’d like to share with you three that can be very helpful if you can relate to feeling less than loving today.

Down with love

Every time you hop online today, people will be Facebooking, Tweeting and Instagramming their V-Day haul, professing their significant others as awesome, perfect and amazing. This barrage of (over)sharing can easily bring about feelings of jealously, envy or even hatred, particularly if you’re not in a relationship, or if the one you love is a little less demonstrative than you wish. Instead of silently (or not so silently) seething, grab the flower essence Holly to restore feelings of genuine love and gratitude for all that you do have and to help you see the beauty in life as it is.

Pity party - table for one

Is your mantra today “why me?”

Why don’t I ever have a good Valentine’s Day?

Why am I always alone?

Why doesn’t anyone care about me?

If any of that sounds familiar, make Willow your flower companion today. Willow is helpful when you’re feeling as if life is unfair and that the Universe/God etc… is out to get you. If you’re drowning in self-pity and can’t find a way out, taking Willow will help you focus more on the positive than the negative and thus bring about a more cheerful, upbeat state of mind.

All I got was this darn card

Ah Valentine’s Day gift wishes. The list of things we hope to receive often rivals that of birthdays and winter holidays. Somehow we’ve come to value material goods as the ultimate sign of love from another, and often when we don’t get what we want we feel slighted or unloved. If a less than stellar Valentine’s display has you feeling disappointed, give yourself the gift of Gentian this year, which will provide encouragement and help restore your faith in your ability to love and be loved.

As always, if you need a little help understanding how to take Bach flowers, head here.

Wishing you all a lovely, love filled Valentine’s Day!

Ready to learn more about Bach flower essences and how they can transform your life? 

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