Chasing the winter blues away

Chasing the winter blues away

Posted on Feb 28, 2014

Chasing the winter blues away

Oh my goodness, will this crazy winter ever end?

Ok, I know that technically winter doesn’t end until the Spring Equinox on March 20th, (and even then it often still drags on) but that feels like a million years away and I want some warmth – stat! Even here in the usually sunny south we’ve had enough snow and cold to last me a lifetime. I am so done! (Someone needs a dose of Impatiens, huh?)

Whether I’m living in the north, the south or Timbuktu, at this time of year the same thing happens – winter drags on and it drags my mood down with it. I find my temper getting shorter and a general feeling of depression looms over me. I suppose this can technically be referred to as Seasonal Affective Disorder, but I just call it “I Am So Over Winter Already Disorder” or “Enough is Enough Syndrome”.

Anyone with me on this?

No matter what you name it, thanks to Dr. Bach there is hope for overcoming the winter doldrums and bringing a lighter, brighter feeling to an otherwise gloomy time of year.

Although any of the 38 remedies can help you shake the winter blues (it all depends on why you’re feeling blue in the first place), there are three in particular that can be especially  helpful when you’re in the midst of an endless winter, counting down the days to a spring that seems as if it will never arrive.


Blah. You just feel blah. You have every reason in the world to feel happy, but you don’t. The most mundane daily activities seem like an effort and the only thing that seems moderately appealing is hanging out on Pinterest all day, envious of how happy everyone else appears. It’s official – you have The Winter Blahs. Time for a dose of Mustard.

Not to be confused with the spicy condiment, Mustard flower essence is for those times when depression descends upon you for seemingly no reason; when you feel like a little dark cloud is following you wherever you go. Mustard helps to clear away that little cloud and makes room for the sun to shine through.


If it’s one thing this winter has brought with it, it’s unpredictability. For instance, where I live it was 65 degrees yesterday. Today we’ll be lucky to hit 40. The constant up and down is enough to drive anyone a little crazy.  If you wake up in the morning hoping for sun, but instead are disappointed that it‘s cold and snowing yet again, put Gentian flower essence on your shopping list.

Life is full of little set backs and disappointments that oftentimes leave us feeling down. When things just don’t work out as you hoped and you’re feeling blue, Gentian is the remedy for you. (Incidentally, Mother Nature could use a dose of Scleranthus, the remedy for those who cannot make up their mind!)


Doesn’t it just seem that when the weather is cold our tolerance for everyone and everything is lessened? Something we would shrug off on a bright spring day seems like the end of the world when it’s cold. Kids are crankier, adults are snarkier and the world just seems to be on edge. Time to reach for Beech!

Being unique individuals, there are always going to be things about others that get under our skin. But if you’re feeling like everything people are doing is ruffling your feathers, take a deep breath and two drops of Beech. When your tolerance is low and you just wish everyone would do it your way, Beech is the flower essence that smooths out the rough edges and allows you to see the inherent beauty in others.

And, let’s not forget about that Impatiens I mentioned earlier, if you find yourself endlessly complaining about how looooooong this winter feels. (Guilty!)

We’ve got three more weeks until spring officially arrives (not that I’m counting!). We can choose to spend that time cranky, blah and disappointed. Or, with the help of some Bach flowers, we can spend that time in appreciation for the beauty that winter does offer; savoring the final weeks of cuddling by the fire, drinking hot cocoa and going inward to reflect on the past year and plan for the beautiful warm months ahead.

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