Wisdom from a six year old

Wisdom from a six year old

Posted on Oct 30, 2015

Wisdom from a six year old

So, this post almost didn’t find its way onto the blog this week. A nasty case of writer’s block and perfectionism descended on my office on Monday and hung around like a dark cloud all week.

Try as I may, and boy did I try, I just couldn’t shake it (note to self: reorder Rock Water as all existing supplies may have been drunk directly from the bottle…).

By yesterday afternoon I was pushing, forcing and trying to strong arm some kind of post into existence, when I came across this:


I don’t know who to credit for the image, but – wow – it totally spoke to me. So, I reluctantly decided to take the advice the Universe was sending me and cancel this week’s post and newsletter.

But, just as I was getting ready to throw my computer out the window in frustration  shut down my computer, something wonderful happened: My six year old bounded into my office and, seeing the look of disappointment on my face, asked, “What’s wrong, Mama?” I answered, “I’m trying to write a blog post but it’s just not working out.” Then, out of sheer desperation I asked, “What do you think I should write about on my blog this week? What do my readers need to know about?” (No pressure, kid!)

Her reply?

“Peace and harmony.”

…Why is my six year old wiser than I am?

I prodded her a bit more.

“What should I say about peace and harmony?”


I pushed a little further.

“What do you do when you want to find peace?” I asked her.

“Um, I like to find peace by going outside for Savor the Day Time.” (This is something she recently made up. It’s the time around 4pm when the sun hits our front porch just so and she likes to sit outside and, indeed, savor it. I highly recommend this six-year-old-invented practice.)

“I also like to listen to that White Sun song. People should listen to it. Put that on your blog.” (see below)

And just like that, my frustration ceased. My stress about the blog post dissolved. I suddenly had something to write about.

Peace and harmony.

I could think of no two better words to capture the essence of what using Bach flower remedies is really all about. You can put a thousand different names on it – stress relief, emotional balancing, self help, inner child healing etc…- but at the end of the day, the goal of using Bach flower remedies is to bring about peace and harmony in our hearts, souls and lives. It’s that simple and that profound.

All 38 of Dr. Bach’s flower remedies can bring peace and harmony, but the ones that will work for you in any given moment depends on why you’re not feeling peaceful in the first place. Jealous of your neighbor? Take HOLLY. Bitter about the promotion you got passed over for? Take WILLOW. Got a case of writer’s block because you can’t find the PERFECT theme to write about? 😉 Take ROCK WATER! Also keep in mind, in this day and age of instant access and quick-fix solutions, it’s easy to forget that flower remedies don’t always work by effecting immediate, earth-shattering change. Often they work by subtly shifting things so that you can breathe, take stock and be open to solutions that present themselves (including the wisdom of a six year old).

There are literally thousands of combinations of these remedies that will bring a sense of peace, harmony and well-being into even the most difficult of situations. The key is taking a good, long look at your emotions and choosing the flower/s that best fit. If you’re having trouble making enough sense of what you’re feeling to choose the appropriate remedy, call on a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner. That’s what we’re here for! I’ll be sharing more about what to look for in a practitioner and what to expect from a session in a future post.

And, because I promised my wise old soul daughter that I’d include it, here’s the beautiful song she mentioned that brings her peace. It’s called Guru Ram Das by White Sun. The album White Sun is on the first round ballot for the Grammy Awards and can be heard in it’s entirety for free here. I highly recommend a listen. But, if you’ve only got a few minutes, I urge you to listen to the song below and tell me you don’t immediately feel peace and harmony.

The six year old is onto something….


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