Flower Essence of the Month : AGRIMONY

Flower Essence of the Month : AGRIMONY

Posted on Apr 29, 2016



The life of the party.
The class clown.
The perpetually blissed out spiritual seeker.
The workaholic.
The shopaholic.

The emotional eater.
The nightly wine drinker.
The TV/internet/video game/social media addict.

The descriptions above all represent people who could benefit from a dose of the Bach flower essence for May – Agrimony.

Often referred to as wearing a “mask of cheerfulness”, those in need of Agrimony will go to great lengths to avoid acknowledging the dark sides of life. These people appear happy and put together on the outside, yet harbor deep fears and anxieties on the inside. They deny emotional pain and often fall prey to addictive behavior in an attempt to drown out negative, dark feelings. They might also stay very busy with work, hobbies or volunteering in order to keep moving and avoid having to be alone with their thoughts.

Additionally, those in need of Agrimony will do almost anything to maintain peace and harmony in their relationships. They will avoid conflict and disputes at all costs, going so far as to minimize or completely ignore problems, even when they are brought up by others.

“Don’t worry, be happy,” is the perpetual rallying cry of the Agrimony.

Now, of course, being positive is a wonderful thing. But not at the expense of denying or ignoring our darker feelings in the process. When we repress our emotions in favor of appearing positive or happy all the time, we do ourselves a great disservice. Those unprocessed emotions find a way out one way or another. If not through conscious processing, than often through physical or mental illness.

Treatment with Agrimony helps to restore the ability to safely look at emotional pain and work through it; using it as a tool for transformation. It helps one to regain the ability to be emotionally open and honest and courageously deal with confrontation. Over time a feeling of inner peace and harmony is restored. It can also be helpful in overcoming addictive behaviors. 

As with all flower essences, you need not be in the extreme categories above to benefit from Agrimony. Flowers, as with life, work on a spectrum. So even if you only see yourself in some of the above, if anything rang a bell, this flower could be right for you.

Even if you don’t need this flower right now, the message of Agrimony is still a worthy one to pay attention to this month. Life is made up of both light and dark. Up and down. Positive and negative. To be fully emotionally healthy, it is important to embrace all sides of our nature and be willing to take a candid look at our faults and shortcomings from time to time. It is important to be honest with ourselves about what’s working in our lives, what’s not and how we can improve.

Over the next few weeks, consider the following:

  • Where in your life might you be turning a blind eye to a niggling inner truth?
  • Is there a conflict you’re avoiding?
  • Is there a habit it’s time to release?
  • Do you keep yourself busy in order to distract yourself from unpleasant feelings?
  • How comfortable are you with the darker sides of your nature? Of life in general?

In a day and age when we all seem to be presenting only our best sides for the camera – posting snippets of only the most positive aspects of our lives – it seems more important than ever to honestly assess all parts of ourselves, so we can improve upon what needs tweaking while also celebrating all that makes us great. Taking some time to examine the “dark” side of Agrimony this month may lead to some hidden gems of self discovery, without even having to take the essence!

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