A holiday gift for you!

A holiday gift for you!

Posted on Dec 5, 2016



It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Or is it?

As fun as this season can be, we all know it can also be filled with stress, anxiety, sadness and a host of other negative associations that keep us from feeling anything but peaceful and joyous.

That’s why I’ve teamed up with the amazing GuruMeher Khalsa, to bring you a FREE interactive teleclass that will help you connect with your heart and discover simpler, gentler ways to honor the holidays.

So, if you’ve got some holiday stress, or simply want to discover new ways to honor this season, consider this your invitation to join us for an afternoon that will include guided mediations, group sharing and one-on-one coaching. I promise it won’t add one new thing to your to do list, and will be a whole lot of fun.

And please don’t let the word Christmas scare you! This tele-class is for EVERYONE! No matter what your faith (or not), Christmas effects everyone in some way or another. In this class we’re going to get clear on how it effects YOU and what you can do to celebrate it (or not) it in a way that feels natural and nurturing.

I look forward to speaking with you on December 17th!

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