Kerri’s story

Kerri’s story


Hi! I’m Kerri Aab – Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner, trained by the Bach Foundation, and owner of Seed to Blossom. I’m thrilled to welcome you to the world of Bach flower remedies and to be your guide on your journey to emotional health and wholeness.

Despite being around for decades, Bach flower essence remedies (often referred to as flower essences) are largely unknown, and kind of “woo woo” sounding to most people.  I know they were to me until I experienced them firsthand.

My introduction to flower essences occurred halfway through a 50 hour labor with my daughter. My wonderful midwife, sensing anxiety and panic setting in, gave me Bach’s Rescue Remedy and quickly my anxiety subsided and a calm set in.

After that first experience I largely forgot about the flower essences. I was consumed with my newborn and all the joys that come with being a new mother.

Until those joys turned to frustration.

When a case of mastitis landed me in the hospital and a struggle with postpartum anxiety set in, I was desperate to find something to lift the very dark cloud I was living under. Despite trying almost every natural, holistic remedy under the sun, my anxiety worsened.

Re-enter flower essence remedies.

This time, instead of Rescue Remedy, help came in the form of a few specific flowers chosen just for me, and they had a much more profound effect. After months of living under the weight of intense anxiety and depression, I began to see a light, albeit small, peeking through the clouds.

I was hooked.

From that point on flower essences have played an ever increasing role in my life. From sleep deprivation and parenting fears, to issues with body image and self worth, flower essences have been there every step of the way smoothing the path and easing stress for me and my entire family.

More recently I have been faced with the challenges of living with Complex PTSD, and once again Bach flower remedies have been a steady partner and friend as I work through my recovery.  I’ve reached a level of calm and inner peace that would not have been possible without my flower allies.



“Every single person has a life to live, a work to do,
a glorious personality, a wonderful individuality.”

– Dr. Edward Bach