Ophira Edut

When I first found Seed to Blossom, I was intrigued, but unsure whether I would feel a difference from a dropper full of flower extractions. Now, Kerri Aab is my go-to resource! I turn to Kerri whenever I feel stuck, have a big event coming up, or need to take my life to the next level. I have used Seed to Blossom mixes to overcome a fear of being on television, to soothe anxiety and to help me focus as I finished writing a 600-page book. Kerri is always gentle, sensitive and also direct, just what you would want a "healer" to be. Talking to Kerri is like 5 years of therapy in an hour. She a true empath who never makes me feel judged, and I always feel safe confiding in her. Kerri¹s knowledge of Bach flower essences is encyclopedic. She listens to me vent and manages to hone in on exactly which emotional issues could be at play. Then, she runs them by me and comes up with the perfect blend, which she always delivers in luxurious packaging. I've recommended her to all of my friends, who rave about their results, too. Even my three-year-old daughter asks for her "flower medicine" now, and it has helped to center her energy as well. Thanks to Seed to Blossom, I have been empowered by flowers!

Tali Edut

So much has blossomed for me since working with Kerri and her magic Bach Flower blends. From the first bottle she sent me, I saw major results. I broke through a fitness block and resumed my yoga practice; I was able to stretch in my relationship in ways I never saw possible. Beyond being noticeably physically energized the flowers supported me with tackling complex emotional matters which had been "off limits" before. I am clear this is a direct result of my work with Kerri and her incredible understanding of these potent essences. I have never experienced a more compassionate, wise, trustworthy and tapped-in listener than Kerri Aab. She creates a safe, affirming space for our consultation that allowed me to be completely open. I am amazed by how she reflects back what I share and always picks up on things that I overlook. I'm a Seed To Blossom devotee now, so happy to have these elixirs to support me with my ever-evolving life.

Dina Manzo

Kerri has the warm demeanor of that best friend you always wanted.  With equal parts compassion and wisdom she helps get to the heart of where you are and finds just the right combination of flowers to help you feel clear and balanced.  Seed to Blossom is a life-saver for anyone whose schedule is as busy as mine but who’s still looking to achieve emotional breakthroughs and create the life of their dreams.

Ruby Warrington

My first consultation with Kerri felt like the best kind of therapy - she was compassionate, insightful and kind, and guided me gently right to the root of the issues I was facing. The flowers she then prescribed appeared to have what I can only describe as a miraculous effect over the coming weeks, as slowly but surely I saw improvement in every area that had come up for me. Our subsequent sessions have been equally rewarding and I have noticed a marked decrease in my overall anxiety levels, alongside a general improvement in my mood and feelings of happiness. What I love most about the flowers is the subtlety of the changes they have brought about. The process feels gentle and nurturing, with everything happening at my own pace. I look forward to continuing my work with Kerri, but at the same time feel in no way like I've developed an unhealthy dependence on the flowers. I just know they are there if and when I need them.

Sarah Olin

Kerri Aab and her flower remedies are a way to be responsible for your health and happiness in a natural way.  Kerri is a warm open space to share things that need healing and support on an emotional and physical level.  I love and trust Kerri so much that she has made flowers for my daughter and I gifted her to my mother-in-law.  Kerri is a well trained professional with a heart of gold.  I trust her implicitly.

Leora Edut

This was my first time working with flower essences. As open as I was I was also quite curious as to what this would actually shift in my life. Upon my session with Kerri I felt very safe to open up and share what was going on in my life in particular my love life was what I was dealing with. I was having extreme challenges around communicating my needs with this particular person and had even become resigned around the relationship. After sharing that with Kerri she created my own flower essence which arrived in the mail a few days later. It was almost instant that the shift happened where not only were my requests being heard but the man I was dating began opening up and coming around! One of the requests was something I had been asking about for almost a year. The anxiousness in my body began to really calm down. I don't believe in coincidences so I will say that Kerri and her flower power are the REAL DEAL and I'm so grateful that I found her!

Kristen S.

I spoke with Kerri recently about her work with the Bach Flower Essences and was very impressed with her knowledge and generosity.  She was more then willing to talk with me about her practice and is very committed to helping people heal. She is very kind, caring and thorough. Even if you are unfamiliar with Bach Flower Essences it is worth having a consultation with Kerri to learn a bit about them and to experience her approach to healing.

“Health depends on being in harmony with our souls”
– Dr. Edward Bach