How to use Bach flower remedies

How to use Bach flower remedies

shutterstock_44612797I find that one of the biggest points of confusion when it comes to Bach flower essences is how to take them. Is it two drops? Four drops? In water? On the tongue? It’s all too confusing! I’m overwhelmed and I’m quitting this stupid thing! (Grab some Elm and Gentian to help with those feelings…)

Dr. Bach intended for his flower essence system to be easy and intuitive, but sometimes, it can feel like anything but!

Before you decide to throw in the towel, here’s a quick run down of how to prepare and take your flower remedy.

Directly on the tongue

This is by far the most expensive and the least tasty way to take the flowers, but it works. Simply put two drops of each of the flowers you’ve decided to take directly onto your tongue four times a day. Since flower essence remedies are preserved in alcohol, this method usually burns the mouth and leaves you smelling like you’ve had a few too many. (Don’t ask me about the looks I got from my neighbors the time my daughter and I used this method  before going out to play!) It’s a fine method in a pinch, but I recommend adopting one of the next two methods for consistent use.

In a glass of water

This method dilutes the alcohol without diluting the flowers. So you get all that flowery goodness without causing a scene at work when you come in smelling like a brewery at 9am. Simply put two drops of each flower you’ve selected into a glass of water (or water bottle) and sip until you feel relief. I find this method especially good for short term use in acute situations (think panic attack right before a big meeting, or getting nervous right before giving a speech). If you choose this method for longer term use (say, to balance out chronic anxiety or to conquer your fear of spiders), make sure you create a fresh water/flower mixture every day and sip the water at least four times a day.

In a dropper bottle

For long term use, by far the best way to take flower essences is by creating what I call a personal blend (it is also referred to as a dosage bottle or a treatment bottle).

Here’s the scoop:

When you’re at the store buying your flower essences, right next to the display holding the 38 single flowers and Rescue Remedy, you’ll see empty, 30ml dropper bottles. Add one of those to your cart. When you get home, fill it with water (preferably spring) and add two drops of each individual flower. Give it a good shake and take four drops from that bottle four times a day. Continue doing that every day until you run out.


Although not my favorite way to use flowers, they can be applied topically. You can put them in your bath, rub them on your pulse points or forehead, or mix them into your moisturizer and slather them all over (as above, two drops of each flower are used). I find these methods work really well for babies and smaller children but aren’t sustainable methods of daily use for adults. But it’s great from time to time when getting them in your mouth is not possible or preferable.

If you feel as if you want to take more flowers than described above, you can increase the amount of times you take the flowers in a day. Just don’t increase the number of drops. Pumping up the volume with flower essences never includes taking more drops. It’s always about taking the drops more frequently.

So, there you have it. The secret to Bach flower dosing revealed! Not too complicated, right?

Wait, but what about Rescue Remedy?

Ah, good old Rescue Remedy. Some of the biggest confusion I find with Bach flowers is understanding how and when to use this particular product. Without getting into too much detail (that’s a post for another day) Rescue Remedy is a bit different than the other Bach flowers in that it’s a pre-blended mixture of five single flower essences that was created by Dr. Bach for use in emergency situations only. It’s great to take after an accident, a shock or during a panic attack. It can also be helpful just before you sit in the dentist’s chair or as you’re waiting for your flight to Paris to depart. Just take four drops either directly on your tongue or in a glass of water until you feel relief. However, it is not for long term use. If you find yourself reaching for Rescue Remedy daily, that’s your sign that it’s time to move on to choosing some more specific flowers for your needs. And, as many find out upon trying to choose flowers for themselves, deciding on the best flowers at any given time can be a wee bit trickier than learning proper dosing. More on that process soon.